Permitted Uses

The Spirit Trail has been designed for the enjoyment of walking and bicycling. Adherence to ADA guidelines in design and building make the Spirit Trail accessible to those persons with disabilities.

Electrically assisted mobility devices and pedal-powered bicycles and tricycles are allowed, with a maximum speed of 20 mph. Gas-powered vehicles, including ATVs and ORVs, are NOT allowed with the exception of emergency vehicles.

No hunting or discharging of firearms is permitted.

The Spirit Trail is open from sunrise to sunset.

Horses are NOT permitted on the Spirit Trail. NO equestrian facilities are available.


Know Before You Go

Only pedestrians and cyclists are permitted on the Spirit Trail.

NO restroom facilities are present along the Spirit Trail.

ALL pets should be leashed for protection of other trail users. Please clean up after your pet.

Camping along the Spirit Trail is NOT permitted.


Spirit Trail users can find limited trail parking at the UCM South Sports Complex facilities located on DD Hwy in Warrensburg, compliments of the University of Central Missouri. During UCM scheduled events parking may not be available. Parking lot is monitored by UCM Campus Safety.

Private Adjoining Properties

The Spirit Trail is mostly constructed within the MoDOT right-of-way which adjoins private property. Adjoining property may be used for commercial or business opportunities, farming operations or hunting. Please respect private property by remaining on the trail.

Road Crossings

Trail users should expect to stop or yield to vehicles crossing the trail. There may be heavy traffic and/or limited visibility, so use caution when crossing. Extra caution should be taken and surrounding awareness heightened when crossing MO-13 Hwy at the roundabout and sections of Spirit Trail where no traffic buffer is available.

Trail Maintenance

If you encounter a trail maintenance issue, please contact the Spirit Trail coalition by email at Thank you for helping keep the Spirit Trail safe and beautiful.